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Music Lesson Prices

30- and 60-Minute Lesson Options

No Contract Option
$45 per Lesson
3 Month Contract
12 Lessons
$156 per Month
6 Month Contract
24 Lessons
$144 per Month
9 Month Contract
36 Lessons
$140 per Month
12 Month Contract
48 Lessons
$132 per Month

*Double Rates for 60 Minutes Lesson Times.

*Discount for families with 3 or more students enrolled.

Group Music Class Options

R&G House Band


Perform a variety of musical genres in our R&G House Band ensemble. Collaborate with other musicians and perform live concerts for your family, friends, and community. Learn about song form, stage presence, teamwork, build self-confidence, and form a musical community with your bandmates. JOIN TODAY!
**Price includes House Band rehearsal plus options of 30-minute or 60-minute private lessons.
*Multiple instrument lessons available.

R&G Percussion Ensemble


Collaborate and perform live with other percussionist from around the area. Learn about and perform music from Brazil, Cuba, Africa, and much more. Develop teamwork, self-confidence, and cultural awareness in our R&G Percussion Ensemble. JOIN TODAY!
**Price Includes Percussion Ensemble rehearsal plus options of 30-minute or 60-minute private lessons.

Lesson Scheduling

For available lesson times, fill out the form below or contact us at (901) 435-6577

After form submission, an instructor will reach out for further information.

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