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Sabian Quiet Tone Mesh Drum Mute

Designed with a specially developed mesh head that replicates genuine drumhead feel, in a low-cost option. Available in 10" and 14"

Introducing the newest version of this practice pad, now with updated manufacturing details! They’ve recently made some changes to enhance your drum pad experience. One of the changes they’ve made is replacing the feet with rubber caps on the tuning lugs. This provides a better grip and stability during your practice sessions.
Please note that while they have updated their manufacturing process to include these new features, some of the older versions are still in circulation with dealers. This means that when purchasing their product, you may receive either the newer version with rubber caps on the tuning lugs or the older version with feet. The photo above shows the older version.
Rest assured, both versions of their practice pads are made with the same high-quality materials. Whether you receive the newer or older version, you can count on their practice pad to be durable, reliable, and a valuable addition to your practice routine.

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